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Take Economic Advantage of Unused Space

Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems

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Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems are systems which are not mounted on the roof of a building or carport or on a facade, but are elevated above an open area at ground level. The solar modules for this type of arrangement are mounted on a special mounting frame to obtain the optimal angle of inclination with respect to the sun. Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems have the potential to increase earnings from solar power generation many times over and are usually found in rural areas with a lot of unused space.

Construction and Performance

The solar modules for ground-mounted systems are elevated on metal frames and are usually mounted in parallel. It is important to space the individual modules in these systems widely enough so that they do not shade each other. The solar energy is converted into alternating current and then bundled in a transformer station. A fence and a lightning protection system are recommended for the protection of the system.

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems increase yields by about 30% compared to roof-mounted systems and have a very long service life. The yield can be increased with tracking systems, i.e., panels which align themselves according to the progression of the sun. The expected annual power generated can be calculated at 400,000 to 500,000 kWh per hectare.

Augmentation via Unused Open Areas

Particularly large areas which are not in use are suitable for ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. Both public and private owners can take advantage of unused open areas. The advantages are obvious; in addition to the environmental protection aspects and support for a decentralized energy supply, the fact that the costs of remediating brownfield sites can be refinanced through solar yields is not insignificant.

Meister Solar – Your Specialist for Photovoltaics

Our ground-mounted photovoltaic systems come with impressively short installation times, long service lives and high efficiency at reasonable prices. We can provide you with a profitable project plan that accounts for all aspects of the project, such as country-specific guidelines and standards. We design and construct your solar park competently, reliably and with a high fail-safe performance. Consequently, your solar energy source will become a reliable source of income.

Make an active contribution to environmental protection with ground-mounted photovoltaic systems! Get in touch with us.