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Manage the flow of power in a smart way

Zero Export Solution


Together with our Australian technology partners from BayWa r.e Solar Systems Pty Ltd (formerly Solarmatrix) in Perth, Western Australia we are offering a smart zero export solution for larger solar systems in the Philippines.


This technological solar power system solution is also about managing the flow of power between different parts of the power system in a smart way!

The zero export solution is especially useful for solar power systems in the Philippines with a capacity of more than 100 kilowatt. Beyond this capacity net metering becomes complicated and involves lots of paper work.

But the flow of electricity between the grid, the solar systems and even other sources of power (e.g. gensets) still needs to be managed.

The smart zero export solution box is doing just that! The inverter is managed actively so the power will come from the right source at any given time.

And the best news is: No flow of unwanted energy into the grid and no problems with the meter running the wrong way and producing unwanted costs!

Are you interested in finding out more on what this smart zero export solution can do for you in the Philippines? Then send an email to us:

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